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We are specialized in analyzing Voice of Customer from any feedback across all support channels (call center, online chat, social and email)including free form text survey.
Over 1,000 customers, including leading manufacturing companies, financial institutions and ad agencies are benefiting from our state of the art text mining solution - Mieruka Engine, "Visualization Engine" in English .  

One of our core strengths is in the area of "text mining". The usage of text mining technology in conjunction with big data is gaining mass popularity. And the demand continues to rise. Why? Because as the term suggests, “text mining” literally means to mine the data for text based patterns. Discovering consumer behaviors, preferences, and trends can lead to higher conversions, better margins and happier customers. And in the marketing world that’s as good as striking gold!

Our proprietary software "Mieruka Engine”-- or in English “Visualization Engine" --  was devellped by our top industry experts leveraging their years of experience and know-how in the text mining category. We have ranked #1 above our competitors for three consecutive years.

We use our expertise in text mining and data analysis to bring our clients easy to understand insights, metrics, and business opportunities from their otherwise, enormous and overwhelming datasets.

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