Asia Today

Asia Today

Founded in 1996, ASIA TODAY is Asia's leading online portal for news, events & multimedia content publishing & distribution.

Aggregate news feeds from numerous sources in Asia including news agencies, NGO/nonprofits, advertising agencies, event organizers, trade fairs, charitable organizations, educational institutions, freelance writers & reporters, etc.

Support all types of events; partner with more than 1,000 events worldwide, feature event announcements & listings, showcase video reporting on the floor covering people, stories, products, services or venues.

Distribute multilingual news and multimedia content to news agencies, online media sites, journalists, PR professionals and general subscribers via e-mail alerts, e-blasting, RSS feeds, social sharing, mobile app, organic search, etc.

Partner with PR and advertising media networks, online and offline, all over the world to offer effective online media services and sponsorship to clients, large and small.

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