The Customer Experience Buyer's Guide 2017

The Customer Experience Buyer's Guide 2017

Your ultimate resource to the key CX investment areas for 2017 and how to make the most from your vendor partnerships. 

There is no denying that in 2017 for organisations to stay ahead of their competitors and differentiate themselves within the market, they need to focus on providing an excellent customer experience. But while some elements of a CX programme can be created and managed in-house, no company can be a jack-of-all-trades. 

To really grow the programme and continuously update it to keep up with changing customer needs and expectations you need to create a business plan for investment internally and partner with external experts to help you achieve your goals. 

The Customer Experience Buyer’s Guide 2017 helps you with this process by providing guidance, experiences and insights from industry experts from the likes of Forrester, Disney, Virgin Atlantic, Thomas Cook, Levi Strauss & Co, and many more to help you gain the most value from working with a vendor partner. 

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