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Join CX leaders to gain a 360 degree view of how your organisation can instill customer-centricity across all stakeholders and business units using AI, personalised experiences and innovative journeys

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CXO Panel: Aligning Organisational KPIs with Customer Experience Strategy

As one of our top rated discussions at CX Asia Week last year, check this exclusive session from our esteemed panel featuring:Vipul Chawla, Managing Director APAC, Pizza HutRaju Nair, Managing Director, Head Customer Journey Experience, DBS BankAylwin Tan, Chief Customer Solutions Officer, Ascendas-SingbridgeAlp Altun, Executive General Manager, Transformation & Customer...

Customer Experience Asia Summit 2018 - Post Show Report

The 6th Annual CX Asia Summit concluded on a successful note – a sincere thanks to all industry participants who have participated and contributed at this event. With over 70 thought leaders sharing their perspectives and insights across the 4 day event, we trust you came away with inspirational ideas...

CX Investment Report 2019: APAC

In this report we look at the top investments planned, alongside predicted trends and challenges for CX practitioners in the APAC region for the year ahead – and compare them against the global movements in the market.The results allow you to benchmark your plans with that of your customers and...

CX Asia Excellence Awards

CEM Asia 2019 Awards Brochure

The Customer Experience Asia Excellence Awards is a globally recognised, annual industry awards ceremony, which honors and celebrates organisations and individuals who have exceeded industry standards in their customer experience initiatives. Returning for a 5th year, the highly-anticipated  2019 CX Asia Excellence Awards is now open for submissions. Celebrate your...

CX Asia 2019 - Awards Application - Best Digital Experience

This award recognises the delivery of exceptional customer experience across various digital channels and touchpoints. The Best Digital Experience Awards provides a vehicle for sharing best practices in engaging tech-savvy consumers through the strategic alignment of digital platforms, marketing and customer interactions.

CX Asia 2019 - Awards Application - CX Vendor Excellence

This award recognises any type of vendor (software, research firm, consultant etc.) that has significantly contributed to the success of their client’s customer experience programs.

CX Asia 2019 - Awards Application - Best Use of CX Technology

This award recognises companies who have made the best use of technologies as a core strategy in their commitment to elevate the overall system efficiency, resources management and Customer Service quality. In addition, connectivity and harmonisation of these technologies will also be taken into consideration.

CX Asia 2019 - Awards Application - Best Omni Channel Experience

This award recognises organisations’ achievements in the delivery of a seamless omni-channel CX strategy which demonstrates a clear understanding of the customer journey and best practices on optimising the customer’s interactions on preferred channels.

CX Asia 2019 - Awards Application - Best Brand Experience

This award recognises companies that have achieved incredible brand equity through innovative marketing and consumer-centric engagement strategies contributing directly to improved brand relationships and thereby customer experience.

CX Asia 2019 - Awards Application - Best Use of Mobile

This award focuses on the program that highlights meaningful engagement with consumers using a mobile platform. Entrants must demonstrate innovativeness and effective use of mobile channels including, but not limited to, QR codes, apps, games, location-based services and mobile web marketing.

CX Asia 2019 - Awards Application - Best Social Media Experience

This award recognises organisations who are utilising social media as a strategic channel for excellent customer interaction, engagement, service support, marketing and sales promotion contributing to a seamless end-to-end omni-channel customer experience. Judges will consider the impact of social media on improving customer satisfaction, loyalty and brand or product awareness....

CX Asia 2019 - Awards Application - Best Contact Centre

This award recognises and promotes Contact Centres that utilise innovative methods, metrics and ideas to provide quality support to their customers with strong business performance. Judges will consider each submission based on the demonstrable utilization of the core and advanced principles of effective contact centre management, regardless of the size...

CX Asia 2019 - Awards Application - Best Employee Engagement

This award recognises companies that demonstrates the most compelling and holistic approach when it comes to their workforce engagement strategy. The submission needs to provide evidence that their strategies proved successful in making their employees more fulfilled in their work by providing methods and metrics used to measure ROI.

CX Asia 2019 - Awards Application - Best Customer Experience Team

This award recognises the group of individuals who demonstrates extraordinary commitment to delivering exceptional customer experience. In addition, service interactions, service culture, team spirit, product knowledge, and customer service best practices are taken into consideration.

CX ASia 2019 - Awards Application - Best Customer Experience Award

This award celebrates and promotes the highest level of customer experience across Asia. This Awards will honor and recognise organizations that promote an exceptional end-to end customer experience by putting their customers at the heart of every process, people and technology.

CX Asia 2019 - Awards Application - Best CX Personality

This award recognises a Customer Experience Leader who has played a critical role in ensuriang exceptional customer experience and consistent service delivery across channels, “bringing the customer” into decisions across the company, encouraging employee engagement, and implementing CX methodologies to translate customer experience into tangible business outcomes in the organisation....

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2019 Sponsorship Prospectus

Interested in getting more information about partnering with CX Asia? View the 2019 prospectus and learn about sponsorship opportunities and how CX Asia can improve your ROI. Email us for a copy of the 2019 prospectus sent to you directly.

Customer Experience Benchmarking Report 2019: APAC

CX Network's recent industry report compiles the biggest CX trends, challenges and investments that will impact APAC companies in the next 12 months, along with case studies from Neil Gardner, Chief Customer Officer at Generali and Akira Mitsumasu, VP Products & Services Planning at Japan Airlines.

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Past Speaker Interview: Johnson & Johnson

Sandeep Maheshwari, Technology Director, ASPAC at Johnson & Johnson, and past speaker at our summit, discusses their customer journey, what solutions they are looking to invest in and why CX Asia is the place to be, in this exclusive on-site video interview.

Past Speaker Interview: Nu Skin Enterprises

Steve Carlile, Head of Global Digital Center of Excellence at Nu Skin Enterprises, and past speaker at our summit, discusses their customer journey, what solutions they are looking to invest in and why CX Asia is the place to be, in this exclusive on-site video interview.

Past Speaker Interview: Merck

Anita Nair, Head of Analytics & Market Insights at Merck, and past speaker at our summit, discusses their customer journey, what solutions they are looking to invest in and why CX Asia is the place to be, in this exclusive on-site video interview.

Past Speaker Interview: Grab

George Lang, Head of Product, Customer Support at Grab, and past speaker at our summit, discusses their customer journey, what solutions they are looking to invest in and why CX Asia is the place to be, in this exclusive on-site video interview.

Past Speaker Interview: Singapore Life

Walter de Oude, CEO at Singapore Life, and past speaker at our summit, discusses their customer journey, what solutions they are looking to invest in and why CX Asia is the place to be, in this exclusive on-site video interview.

How AI will impact CX

Artificial intelligence is now everywhere, and customer experience innovators are already embedding chatbots, predictive analytics, RPA and machine learning into their organisation.CX Network's APAC industry report will ensure you stay ahead of the competition by providing insights into the region's trends and challenges to implementing AI into your CX strategy.

How to Create Personalisation in the Age of the Customer

Personalisation has become an increasingly important feature of customer experience because its cuts through the noise and lets your customers know you are paying attention to them. However it’s important to strike that balance between making customers feel like you are helping them rather than creepily following them. Using data...

How Bupa Built a Customer Journey Methodology that Eliminates Pain Points

In this exclusive interview with Bupa's Head of Customer Episode Solutions and Delivery, Richard de Haast, discover the methodologies and processes they put in place to ensure their customer journeys are working to the benefit of the customer.

10 Things You Absolutely Must Know About Customer Journey Mapping

Customer journey mapping is a useful technique to help identify shortcomings and chokepoints in your customer service, but unless it is conducted effectively and followed through, it risks becoming a misguided time-wasting initiative. Make sure your customer journey mapping initiative does not fall into this category with the following ten...

Rethinking Your Approach To Customer Experience

Rethink. Unify. Innovate. Deliver. These four core pillars of the 6th Annual Customer Experience Asia Summit are integral to creating great customer experience. Ahead of Asia’s number one customer experience event, we shall be exploring these four areas in a series of articles providing you with a taster of how...

Customer Experience is Heating Up: Staggering Stats For Your C-Suite

Customer experience is a vital part of most companies’ wider business and customer strategies. But when a great NPS score isn’t enough to convince the C-suite to make CX a priority, this infographic and its staggering stats will no doubt make them turn up the heat on customer experience.

Infographic: Creating Amazing Customer Experiences in Asia

Creating amazing customer experiences has never been more important in Asia, but why? In this exclusive infographic, the CEM Asia team examines the differences between customer behaviour in Asia compared to the rest of the world and what companies must do to enhance heir customer experience management and drive revenue.