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Join CX leaders to gain a 360 degree view of how your organisation can instil customer-centricity across all stakeholders and business units using AI, personalised experiences and innovative journeys

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Customer Experience Asia 2018 Post Show Report - S

The 6th Annual CX Asia Summit concluded on a successful note – a sincere thanks to all industry participants who have participated and contributed at this event. With over 70 thought leaders sharing their perspectives and insights across the 4 day event, we trust you came away with inspirational ideas...

Customer Experience Investment Report 2019: APAC

Read the biggest CX investments, trends and challenges that will impact APAC companies in the next 12 months.

Customer Experience Asia 2018 Sponsorship Prospectus

Network with 350+ CX leaders at the 2018 CX Asia Summit in Singapore. Discover the benefits of partnering with the event by downloading the sponsorship prospectus

The Customer Experience Buyer's Guide 2017

Your ultimate resource to the key CX investment areas for 2017 and how to make the most from your vendor partnerships. There is no denying that in 2017 for organisations to stay ahead of their competitors and differentiate themselves within the market, they need to focus on providing an excellent...

CEM Asia Summit 2017 Profiling Report

Companies across Asia have now put customer experience (CX) at the top of their boardroom agenda. The interesting question to ask is this: how are they mapping and executing their CX strategy? To discover what these companies have planned in the short to mid-term, we have conducted a survey with...

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10 Things You Absolutely Must Know About Customer Journey Mapping

Customer journey mapping is a useful technique to help identify shortcomings and chokepoints in your customer service, but unless it is conducted effectively and followed through, it risks becoming a misguided time-wasting initiative. Make sure your customer journey mapping initiative does not fall into this category with the following ten...

Customer Experience is Heating Up: Staggering Stats For Your C-Suite

Customer experience is a vital part of most companies’ wider business and customer strategies. But when a great NPS score isn’t enough to convince the C-suite to make CX a priority, this infographic and its staggering stats will no doubt make them turn up the heat on customer experience.

Everything starts with loyalty

Loyalty is the basis of interpersonal relationships built on positive emotions. Find out how to create strong loyalty linkage between customers and company. 

Uncovering the Customer Experience in Contact Centre

Customer Experience starts with your frontline employees. But how do you understand what they’re doing right and wrong when speaking to customers? Implement a CEM program into your contact centre. Watch this video to find out more.

Whats Wrong With Customer Service in Asia (and how to fix it)

Now that consumers have higher expectations than ever before, the pressure is on for companies in Asia to improve their customer service delivery. Worst of all, companies are regularly under-delivering, resulting in reputational damage and loss in revenue. How can this be fixed? Read on to find out.

Infographic: Creating Amazing Customer Experiences in Asia

Creating amazing customer experiences has never been more important in Asia, but why? In this exclusive infographic, the CEM Asia team examines the differences between customer behaviour in Asia compared to the rest of the world and what companies must do to enhance heir customer experience management and drive revenue.

AI for CRM- A Field Guide to Everything You Need To Know

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the next major wave of innovation, driven by advances in computing power, the ability to store large volumes of data in the cloud at minimal cost, and easier access to advanced algorithms. And it will be more disruptive and powerful than any previous shift in technology. 

The New Customer Experience Demands an Opposite Approach to Digital Transformation

The digital customer represents a new breed of consumer. While traditional customers are also alive and well, digital customers are elusive, discerning, distracted and proudly narcissistic. To reach and engage these connected customers requires a relevant and informed approach that meets them on their terms, in their communities, in the...

Want to be the Worst at Customer Service At Least be the Worst CONSISTENTLY

Don’t you just hate poor customer service? If a company is consistently bad, at least you know what to expect, but when service levels are wildly different each time, you’re certain to be disappointed. Download this article by best-selling author Peter Shankman to read about the chaos this can cause...

How Are Leading Companies in Asia Improving CEM?

How good would you say Asia’s leading companies are at delivering excellent customer service? Due to the growing importance of customer experience management, companies need to create the processes that will consistently ensure great customer service delivery. But how much of this is actually happening? To find out, we ask...

How Are Southeast Asia’s Biggest Companies Leveraging Closed Loop Feedback?

To find out how companies in Southeast Asia are using closed loop feedback, Chris Dann, Director for Customer Experience at Nielsen, ran a live polling session at the CEM Asia Summit 2015, which featured the customer experience business leaders from over 300 of Asia’s biggest companies. Click the link above...

A How To Guide For Excellence In Customer Experience Management

It is more expensive to acquire a new customer than to keep your existing one. Therefore it goes without saying that companies need to do everything they can to keep the ones they’ve got by giving them what they want and engaging with them. So, how well do you really...

Brian Solis- FROM CX + DCX = X

Customer Experience (CX) is one of the hottest buzzwords in business today. At the same time, the digital customer experience (DCX) is gaining momentum as one of the greatest areas of opportunity in business innovation. Together they equal the future of customer relationships and that’s where you come in. This...

Rethinking Your Approach To Customer Experience

Rethink. Unify. Innovate. Deliver. These four core pillars of the 6th Annual Customer Experience Asia Summit are integral to creating great customer experience. Ahead of Asia’s number one customer experience event, we shall be exploring these four areas in a series of articles providing you with a taster of how...

The Age of AI

Seemingly overnight, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has moved from a plot point in science fiction movies to a core technology for companies such as Google, Facebook, Baidu, Microsoft, and Amazon. But the idea of AI — of machines that can sense, classify, learn, reason, predict, and interact — has been around...

Podcast with Frank Eliason

In this in-depth interview he shares that he should have paid more attention in psychology class. His thought is that in addition to paying attention to the customer’s experience, organisations should be paying attention to the employee’s experience.

5 Data-Driven Tech Trends Shaping Customer Experience in 2017

5 Data-Driven Tech Trends Taking Customer Experience to the Next Level: 1. Mobile continues to intensify “micro-moments” 2. Artificial Intelligence creates an absolute 360-degree customer view 3. Chatbots act as a “self-serve” way to connect with customers immediately 4. The Internet of Things enables faster customer insights 5. Customer experience...

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How to Create Personalisation in the Age of the Customer

Personalisation has become an increasingly important feature of customer experience because its cuts through the noise and lets your customers know you are paying attention to them. However it’s important to strike that balance between making customers feel like you are helping them rather than creepily following them. Using data...

How Bupa Built a Customer Journey Methodology that Eliminates Pain Points

In this exclusive interview with Bupa's Head of Customer Episode Solutions and Delivery, Richard de Haast, discover the methodologies and processes they put in place to ensure their customer journeys are working to the benefit of the customer.

How AI will impact CX

Artificial intelligence is now everywhere, and customer experience innovators are already embedding chatbots, predictive analytics, RPA and machine learning into their organisation.CX Network's APAC industry report will ensure you stay ahead of the competition by providing insights into the region's trends and challenges to implementing AI into your CX strategy.

Customer Experience Benchmarking Report 2019: APAC

CX Network's recent industry report compiles the biggest CX trends, challenges and investments that will impact APAC companies in the next 12 months, along with case studies from Neil Gardner, Chief Customer Officer at Generali and Akira Mitsumasu, VP Products & Services Planning at Japan Airlines.

Customer Experience Predictions for 2017

Customer Experience Predictions for 2017 looks at how more established subjects such as omni-channel and emotional engagement will develop, and outlines the emergence of newer trends such as biometrics and phygital, and how they impact upon the industry. With Gartner predicting that by 2018 more than 50 per cent of...

CX Asia Excellence Awards

CEM Asia 2018 Awards Brochure

The Customer Experience Asia Excellence Awards is a globally recognised, annual industry awards ceremony, which honors and celebrates organisations and individuals who have exceeded industry standards in their customer experience initiatives. Returning for a 4th year, the highly-anticipated  2018 Customer Experience Asia Excellence Awards is now open for submissions. Celebrate...

2017 Customer Experience Asia Excellence Awards Post-Show Report

The 2017 Customer Experience Asia Excellence Awards paid tribute to organisations and inspiring role models that led the way in providing exceptional customer service. In our third year, we received a record-breaking 148 entries across 12 awards categories. As customer expectations in the region continue to increase and evolve, Asia’s...

2017 Event Presentations

Empathy in the Customer Journey - Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific

Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific's VP Customer, Experience, Adam Geneave shares ways you can recognise and leverage empathy to stimulate the delivery as well as the final impact of a great CX

Optimising Internal Customer's Journey to Engage & Empower - Lux Maldives

Hussain Afeef, Regional Director of Training, Development & Quality Assurance, Lux* Maldives explains why employee experience equates to customer experience and how giving employees a voice in your CX strategy and encouraging innovative service delivery

Creating Frictionless, Smart & Effective Customer Self-Service across Channels - Zalora

Jonathan Hwa, Regional Head of Customer Experience, Zalora describes how you can narrow the gap with live service and enable smarter self-service to optimise user experience

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CX Asia 2018 Sample Attendee List

See you who you could meet at the 6th Annual Customer Experience Asia Summit!